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Se buscan los manageres regionales


estamos en búsqueda de empleados que trabajen a distancia.
Mi nombre es Doroteo, soy el gerente de personal de una gran empresa europea.

La mayor parte del trabajo usted puede realizar desde casa, es decir, a distancia. Salario es de 1000 a 4000 Euros.

Si usted está interesado en esta oferta de trabajo, a continuación, por favor visite Nuestro Sitio:

Atención a las condiciones especiales de cooperación para las empresas!

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Where’s the Dislike Button?!

I’m sure I’m not the first blogger or social media user to suggest a ‘Dislike’ button but I find my normal restraint in calling for a change strained with this latest decision from a Californian Judge.

In the case of Danielle Mailhoit versus Home Depot, the Federal Judge decided that some posts (and even private messages) on social media were ‘fair game’.

Danielle Mailhoit brought a discrimination case against her employer.  Home Depot then requested she be ordered to turn over her social media activity for the period in which she claims she was discriminated against.

U.S. Magistrate, Judge Suzanne Segal, ruled that the blanket request was “impermissibly overbroad” and would result in a lot of irrelevant noise.

She did, however, grant the request for any of the plaintiff’s posts that discuss working at Home Depot, or messages to her fellow employees meaning that any posts and / or private messages on social media were within the scope of the Order.

This must surely raise the question as to what is and is not within the scope of such an action given private messages via social media platforms have previously been considered ‘private’.

If electronic communications are within scope, this could result in e-mails; text and voice calls also being ‘fair game’.  And if it’s good for the employer, it must also be good for the employee?

It is unlikely such a ruling would be made in a UK Court as this would likely run contrary to various laws including the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Human Rights Act of the same year (as suggested in this article), both protecting the individuals from unnecessary intrusion unless a crime has been committed (and such cases are covered by Civil rather than Criminal law in the UK).

But it does serve as a timely reminder that anything you say on social media channels can (and will) be used against you……as the caution goes.

I’m afraid the intrusion into private messages gets a large “Dislike” from me.

A few interesting rulings from UK Employment Tribunals over actions taken by employers against their employees for comments and use of social media can be found on Personnel Today.

Avoid Falling on your Face(book)

This blog was originally published on Business Fundas, September 6th 2012.  It explores the difficulties facing companies seeking to raise finance through the issue of shares in the 21st century and offers a few alternatives.

The fall and fall of Facebook’s stock has been the stuff of investors’ nightmares.

Starting with a stock price of $38, by 31st August the stock had lost approximately 52% value with no sign of a bounce. The real issue isn’t just Facebook’s shares so much as a lack of probity in investments these days and many businesses who choose to ‘float’ may find there’s a leak in their boat.

The average duration for a shareholding in the USA currently stands at an almost instantaneous 22 seconds!

Compared with an average holding of 8 years in the 1940’s, the stock market has become the ‘get rich quick’scheme (substitute ‘dream’ for a more apt description) of the 00’s.

Shareholders just aren’t in it for the long game any more and this creates a multitude of problems for businesses great and small.

The demand to create shareholder value overnight keeps many an Executive Suite buzzing into the ridiculous hours of the night; sees downsizing and corporate initiatives bluntly delivered across departments to deliver savings and greater profit margins and dissatisfaction in the stock market quickly translates into a knee jerk reaction kicking the HR department into action, moving from co-production to consultation as the company’s most “valuable assets” become “deadweight” creating drag merely as a result of bottom line cost.

Shareholder value, as a concept, is fine but it’s become very one directional in recent years and creates little benefit for the business, less a short term cash injection and longer term drain on your profits and profitability.

Before you launch your business into the choppy stock market seas, consider a few alternatives:

To read the rest of this article, please visit the original posting on Business Fundas by clicking here.

Colin is the founding director of Cloud Management Systems, a global consultancy with a difference.